Facebook like button?
I have made a facebook page and I really want a follow/like button on my site but it's confused me because my Wordpress plug-in is asking one thing and facebook is asking another I can't seem to find a way around.
Any ideas?

Ryan Big Grin

Hi Ryan

You can either edit the theme file, or use a plugin.

This helpful tutorial covers how to do that: http://mashable.com/2010/05/07/wordpress-facebook-like-buttons/

There are a few facebook like plugins available, such as:

The tutorial covers that plugin and others you may want to try.

I see you made use of our automatic Wordpress installation, your site's looking good.

If you need any more help feel free to post on these forums or use live chat.

Good luck!


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Thanks that helped!
Oh and one more thing. How do you get a follow us on facebook button that is static on the top of the page on every page?

On Hi Hosting we simply do that with a normal link to our Facebook page. You can try that. You may want to get a "vanity" url first if you already qualify, as that will make the link look smarter. There may be plugins for that too.

Good luck

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